Wireless Holter and Extended Holter Monitoring

Single-use Wearable Biosensors and Cloud-based ECG Analysis and Reporting Service

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24 to 48 hour Holter and extended availability

ABM provides your total Holter solution. All Available on one Hippa secure portal.

Anytime Access

Anytime access from any location. Cardiologists and clinical teams can access interactive reports, and full-disclosure ECG waveforms

Accurate Report

Capability for Cardiologists to edit the report. Full authorization controls including E-signature and audit trail.

24-48 hour and Extended

  • Continuous 2-channel ECG, HR, Event recording
  • Clinically-validated for hospital and home use
  • Lowest cost of care on market

High Patient Compliance

  • Minimal disruption to daily routine. Wearable during sleep, exercise and shower
  • Easy application. No skin abrasion or shaving required
    Lightweight, only 28g

100% Secure

  • Encrypted end-to-end data
  • HIPAA compliant

Clinically Reliable

  • In a recent comparison study (N=141), arrhythmias were detected in a greater number of patients by the Wearable biosensor compared to the conventional Holter. **


of patients found the BioSensor very conformable or conformable to wear*


of patients said "I often don't notice I'm wearing it" *


of BioSensors failed during 7-day wear study*


of BioSensor data was retrieved with no packet loss*

Flexible Workflows. Patient-centric. Anywhere Enrollment.

In Clinic

  1. Clinician applies Biosensor to Patient and enrolls and verifies ECG hook-up via handy App.

  2. Patient wears Biosensor for prescribed time

At Home

  1. Biosensor assigned to Patient on Holter Connect Web Portal and mailed to Patient.

  2. Patient self-applies Biosensor and wears for prescribed time

Patient returns Biosensor. Data is uploaded to Holter Connect Secure Web Portal.

ABM processes data and provides Holter Report within 36 hours.

Clinical team can view, comment and e-sign Patient report.

Reimbursement and Billing

 Holter (up to 48 hours)
93224 Global
93225 Hook-Up
93226 Technical
93227 Professional

 Extended Holter (2-7 Days)
93241 Global
93242 Hook-Up
93243 Technical
93244 Professional

An all-inclusive rate that covers:
  • Biosensor
  • Report analysis and generation
  • Platform access for unlimited number of users
  • Data storage
  • Training
  • 24/7 service support
Two Billing Options
  • Split Bill 
  • Fee for Service

1.*LifeSignals 1AXe Wear Life Performance Study Validation Report (7 days). LifeSignals, Inc. DHF7B-TR-001. 2021.

2. **Karunadas CP, Mathew C. Comparison of arrhythmia detection by conventional Holter and a novel ambulatory ECG system using patch and Android App, over 24 h. Indian Pacing Electrophysiology J.Mar-Apr 2020;20(2):49-53.